About Plusko This is who we are and what we do. Read as [pluh-skaw].

We are good at experiential and outdoor education. We help young people to develop their potential. We do that because we think it’s meaningful. And we also enjoy ourselves while doing that.

For the most part, we’re volunteers. We try to organize our programs in a way that is helping both others and ourselves grow personally, so we can be useful for others.

Wish to do a project together?

As our core activity we organize events (3-10 days long) for young people in Slovak context based on experiential education.

Apart from that we usually take part or organize 1-2 international projects through Erasmus+ EU programme each year. So far we cooperated with most of countries accross (wider) Europe and would love to hear about your project as well!

Plusko has experienced and responsive leaders as well as motivated participants.

Contact us!

Several recent international projects

we took part in.

As Organisers:

  • Training course Creating experience in Georgia – 2014
  • Training course Rope it – 2017
  • Training course – The
  • Hero’s Journey – 2019
  • Training course – Winter course 2020

As Partners:

  • ToT „Up We Go!“ – Latvia 2018
  • Training course – Create paddle ability – 2019
  • Contact making seminar – 2019
  • Wilderness therapy opportunities 2019

A little bit about our values and motivations

We’re non-governmental, non-profit organisation. We don’t have any political or religious focus however we’re interested in society that is around us. In what we do, we look for ways how to grow personally.

We hold on to values that we formulated together – volunteering, equality, friendliness, cooperation, personal development, diversity, proactivity & fun. Our vision are young people open to new impulses and craving to explore.

All you need is… contact info

Mladeznicka organizacia Plusko
Non-governmental, non-profit organisation/association


Lachova 32
851 03

National ID 36071439
Bank account (IBAN): SK92 8330 0000 0029 0016 8166

Contact person

Fotografia kontaktnej osoby

Katarína Karcolová

Coordinator for international projects
+421 905 439 737 katarina.karcolova@plusko.net